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Foxy Fun

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Fox Rocks

We had a blast on Fox 8 in the morning today. Despite the fact that we have to be up during distinctly non-musician time (5:00 or so AM) we always manage to get revved up for the experience. Of course all of the people at the station make that easy for us – they’re a really nice bunch of people.

We got there in the dark, as usual, and got our gear loaded in as fast as we could to escape the sub-zero weather. It was our first time playing at the newly renovated Fox 8 set – it’s a pretty schwanky setup. It’s interesting to see what the set is like as compared to what you might imagine it’s like while watching the show on television. Everything (except some weather) takes place in on big room, with the news desk on one end and the ‘talk show’ type seating area on the other.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so a big thanks to everyone at the station. We look forward to returning for more morning show fun in the future!

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