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Nothin’ Like a Pool Party

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

It’s been several weeks, but we wanted to mention how much we enjoyed the opportunity to play the Rawiga Country Club 2008 Pool Madness Party. Everyone treated us fantastically well. In fact, it was a landmark gig and we’ll tell you why.

For years, people have asked, “Do you need anything else?” as the band has gotten settled and all of the power outlets and lights and cables and stage stuff has been sorted. For years, Scotty has responded in his best Cheech-and-Chong impersonation, “How about a pepperoni pizza, man?” Everyone has a laugh (ha ha!) and that’s that.

It happened at Rawiga when our lovely hostess asked the question and Scotty dropped the answer. Only this time a couple pepperoni pizzas showed up a little later.


So to the fine folks at Rawiga, we salute you for your amazing hospitality and your fine, fine personal pan pizzas. We sincerely hope to visit you again and ask for several pots of gold, the Maxim calendar girls and a floor pump for Jay’s new guitar.

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