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Greenville Inn – CANCELLED

Friday, February 13th, 2009


Guess Friday the 13th really isn’t lucky.  We’ve had to cancel our show at the Greenville Inn in Chagrin Falls tonight.  Members of the Moo Crew are down with the flu.

We’re bummed, but we have our next Greenville show to look forward to: St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday March 17th)!  We will eat our chicken soup and take our vitamins so we can bring the rock then.

Go West, Young Moo!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Skinny Moo makes the ladies craazy

If you came out to West Park Station at Kamm’s Corners last Saturday night, you would have had quite the full menu of activities.  First off, there was George Hartwig doing some cool opening guitar playing during happy hour.  Then there was Skinny Moo.  Somewhere in there was (possibly the most dull) MMA fight action.  And of course all night long there was a happening crowd that was having a blast (yes, we are talking about you, Mister “Home By the Sea” guy!).

When we arrived, we were loading in to the sound of “Maggot Brain”, and as we piled and piled our gear in the foyer and the front of the place, we realized it was coming from solo guitarist George Hartwig.  He had a cool delay pedal that allowed him to create repeating phrases that he could solo over while they looped.  Tasty!  After he was finished and the gear migration was complete, we prepared for the evening with a quick round of beverages (for vocal lubrication, mind you), then we launched the evening with our usual unpredicatable musical stylings.

A good time was had by all, and the place wasn’t empty until the bitter end, when Mr. Genesis reluctantly headed for home after realizing that, yes, the fact that all of our gear had been packed and removed from the building meant that we were officially done playing.  But we’ll be back at the end of February, so don’t despair!

Pics will be posted in the gallery shortly…

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