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Sly Funk Station

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Packed to the Rafters at the WPS

What a weekend: smoke machines, adult beverages, cover tunes, drunk funksters.  We packed a lot of action into just two nights on Friday and Saturday.

Friday night saw our first return to the Sly Fox in North Olmsted since the blazing wintery months early in the year.  As always the sound was spectacular and everyone was having a great time.  This time around, Chazmo even brought an accessory to assist him in dealing with the hard-working smoke machine.

Say Hello to Chazmo’s Little Friend

We won’t mention the band member that had some gear difficulty which led to the historic outburst, “M*therf*cK%R!!”  Suffice it to say that it was highly entertaining and no Moo personnel were harmed in the making of Friday night’s festivities.

And of course there was West Park Station on Friday:

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Seemed like lots of folks were warmed up by the solo acoustic stylings of Steve Michaels on Saturday.  Many folks, in fact, demanded their ration of funk, including our friend above. Skinny Moo delivered the funk like junk in the trunk. Of course we also had to drop some rock and pop and assorted other stylee tunes for the ladies (which some of the funksters didn’t seem to understand).

We’ll be posting a few pics soon.


Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Who Took Wednesday Off?

We’re finally recovering from the Time Warp that spit us out into the Saint Patrick’s Day spectacle of the Greenville.  What an action-packed weekend.

Everybody Get In CloserIt being our first time at the Time Warp, we weren’t sure what to expect.  It’s a much more intimate room than a lot of the other places we’ve played, but that just makes it easier to get involved in our special brand of entertainment.

It was probably a surprise to most of the folks there that we would occasionally dip into unexpected musical territory – like the insane genius of “Sweet Caroline” tucked in to the Barenaked Ladies song “One Week”, followed immediately by Abba’s  “Take A Chance”.

Seems like everyone realized that we’re there to have some fun and break the mold a bit, and we enjoyed the chance to play in such a cool room.  Careful or you might catch some of the Moo bunch hanging out at the bar on our off nights…

Happy BirthdayAnd then there was Saint Pat’s at the Greenville.  Wow.  What can we say, but BEGORRAH!  Green beer, rocking tunes, tuned up mooses (or is it meese?).  Not much more that you could want, except for the holiday to fall on Friday or Saturday.  Unfortunately we’ll have to make do with scheduling vacation days until 2012 when St. Pat’s falls on a Saturday.

Coming up, we round out the month on the west side of Cleveland with back-to-back shows at the Sly Fox and West Park Station.  We hope you can join us for the springtime mayhem!

Putting Some “Rock” In Your “Shamrock”

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Sham-ROCK Baby

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  We’re getting ready to head across town to bring some Skinny Moo action to the Greenville Inn.  Hopefully everyone has… paced themselves today so they can enjoy a startling variety of musical shenanigans this evening.

We will report back afterward, along with details about our fun Friday the 13th at the Time Warp.

Best at the West

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Rocking out at West Park Station

We’re finally starting to recover from our Saturday night gig at West Park Station.  What a phenomenal time: a packed house, loads of fun party goers, sweaty dancing, and an amazing guest appearance.

Yes, in an unexpected twist (which is what Skinny Moo is about, so I guess you could say that the unexpected is what you should expect… wait, what was I talking about again?) we had the lovely Megan join us at the beginning of the third set to deliver Young MC’s “Bust a Move“.  It was an historic occasion, for sure.  She nailed the tune, and we didn’t do half bad either, considering we had never played it before.

Megan Busts a MoveFortunately we were able to rely on the incomparable musical virtuosity of Mike “Brown Note” Crow, whose continuing diet of Aldi Salisbury steak and nacho soup provides the nutrition to power his immense musical brainpower.   Scotty hung in there too, despite the fact that blood flow to his brain was constricted by either a hat that was too small, or a head that was too big.

Unfortunately, at the end of the night, an errant microphone clocked the Brown Note right in the dome, drawing either blood or the aforementioned soup.  Hopefully his extensive recall of most of the music from the late ’70s through today hasn’t been affected.

We look forward to returning to West Park Station at Kamm’s Corners at the end of March, hopefully when temperatures climb out of what now feels like the equivalent of a Cleveland-sized meat locker.

We’ll be posting pics to the gallery soon, so stay tuned.

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