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A Day In the Life

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Saturday was an action-packed spectacle!  In an unprecedented display of sartorial splendor, Mike, Jay, Charley and Scotty reunited with Jeff Nagel (Jeff MOO, Jeff MOO!) at his wedding reception.  From the “things you never thought you’d see” file, we bring you some well-dressed Moo men:


Congratulations Jeff!

Jeff had a very groovy band play at his reception: Mifune.  If you haven’t caught their show, we highly recommend a groovy evening out.

After celebrating with Jeff, the guys reverted to their normal gig wardrobe and hooked up with Jeff “The Deuce” Endemann at the Sly Fox in North Olmsted.  It was a good decision to get out of the jacket-and-tie because it was H-O-T at the Fox!

We are thrilled to have had a great crowd for the show.  Rumor has it that much of Jay’s neighborhood came all the way from the Medeezula to see us in action.  Many thanks, Medina denizens!

Buy the merch!

Seriously, the Sly Fox is really a cool bar.  Great staff, cool vibe, and serious sound system (with smoke machine!).  We look forward to returning there on Saturday November 14th.  Hope you can make it, too!

Pics will be posted soon!

Can’t Spell “Moondog” without M-O-O

Friday, September 25th, 2009


Charley and Scotty got to hang with the incomparable Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog today.  Check the custom-tailored Skinny Moo shirt!  Thanks for digging on Skinny Moo, Moondog.

During Cavs games, Q-TV frequently plays videos that keep the crowd in stitches while game breaks are going on.  The Moo boys had some entertaining parts to play in a video shoot today, and it’s no question that the final video will be a classic.

More details are on the way.  Scotty and Charley just wanted to say thanks to Moondog and the whole Q-TV crew for having us today.

Witness Charley

Go Cavs!

Skinny Moo is a Cleveland Magazine pick for Best Cover Band!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Skinny Moo - Best Of Cleveland

It’s official: Skinny Moo has been selected to be part of Cleveland Magazine’s “best of” issue.

We’re honored to be an editor’s pick for best cover band!  You can find the online mention here.  Please note, you won’t be hearing us play any Gordo Lightfoot anytime soon.

We’re excited to be a part of the Best of Cleveland party as well! We’ll be performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the party, which is taking place Friday October 16th at 7PM. Tickets are available online. Sounds like it will be a good time!

You can catch us this Saturday night at the Sly Fox in North Olmsted. We’re probably going to be all jacked up from magazine ink and Red Bull, so you won’t want to miss it!

Wave Your Hands In the Air

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Moo Youth

We thoroughly enjoyed our last show of the season at the Bedford Heights Winking Lizard.  They were kicking off their anniversary celebration with a clam bake, and it seemed like everyone was there to enjoy it.  There were complimentary appetizers, t-shirts, and little LED key chains.

Yep, that’s what you can see in the shot above.  As the sun went down, we enjoyed a solid wall of young Moo fanatics (who we shall henceforth refer to as the Moo Youth) through the second and third sets.  Dancing, waving lights, singing along, and generally having a good time.

This Saturday we’ll be returning at long last to the Sly Fox in North Olmsted.  It’s really a cool place, and we want to beef up the crowd there, so bring your friends, family, neighbors, pets – whatever!  Okay, maybe not the pets.  But everyone else is fair game.   We’re looking forward to a good time, and we hope to see you there.

Coming Right Up

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Skinny Moo will be bringing their traveling tune emporium back to the Winking Lizard in Bedford tomorrow night.  This is the last patio appearance of the year for the Moo Crew at the Bedford Lizard, so if you haven’t been out yet (or if you’ve come out every time),  join everyone for what is sure to be a patio party.

Super Dave

In other news, you may have noticed the banner at the top of the site pages.  Please check out the David Lytle Memorial Foundation – Dave was an enthusiastic fan of Skinny Moo, and how could we not be a fan of his?  He was a positive force, and is missed.

You can find out more about the foundation here.  A PDF of the invitation to the event is here.  We’re looking forward to playing at the event on Saturday October 17th.

We hope to catch up with you tomorrow!

Groovy, Baby

Friday, September 11th, 2009


We had a great holiday weekend, but the cherry on top had to be the private party we played last night at the Skate Station in Brunswick.  We’ve played some nutty places (in the lanes of a bowling alley, at a Masonic temple), but this was the first time we ever set up in the middle of a roller rink.  Awesome.

Everybody had a great time, and the Skate Station staff was spectacular.  And, as advertised, Jay skated and sang for a while with nary a wipeout (you can see him in the bottom left pic of the collage above, whizzing by at “skating in my mind” speed).

As an added bonus, we got to catch a bit of Burning River Roller Girls skate practice while we were breaking our gear down and loading out.  If you don’t know about BRRG, you should check them out – it’s almost as much fun as Skinny Moo.

We’ll be posting pics/vids/etc after the weekend, so stop back.

A Weekend To Remember

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Hey, we hope everybody had a stellar holiday weekend.  We enjoyed a night at the Boneyard in Mayfield last Friday, and an insane private party on Sunday.

Boneyard graffitoWe were thrilled to see that our load-in at the Boneyard has been transformed from dingy concrete loading dock (with rivulet of trash juice through which gear had to be dragged) to spectacular outdoor patio.  Seriously, there’s an outdoor bar, a huge stone fireplace, lots of seating, propane heaters for the cooler Cleveland months.  Very impressive.

The downside is that the “green room” has taken a major hit – while it’s still the source of some of the most entertaining graffiti in town (see the image over there for a sample), we had to be careful since it seemed like it’s under construction.  Or possibly just a repository for construction debris.  Hopefully they’re adding a kegerator (for bands only, HEY, get away from our kegerator!).

We had a great time, made some new friends, and caught up with some old friends.  We’re looking forward to returning to the Boneyard on November 7th.

The private party on Sunday was as we expected: rocking.  We have played at several other parties thrown by the same people (who are just fun, solid folks), and every time it’s been fantastic.  There was a huge tent housing the bar, with lots of tubs of chilled adult beverages.  There was the sun room, stuffed to the rafters with amazing food.  And then there was Skinny Moo.

We had a great time doing our thing, and it was really enjoyable to see so many people digging the vibe.  We played longer than we expected, but it was gratifying because people were dancing and having a great time.  We look forward to playing as many parties as our friends in Aurora can throw.

We’re pulling off a private party tomorrow night (Jay has alleged that he will sing while roller-skating – Scotty will not forget his camera), and will be returning to action on Friday September 18th at the Bedford Winking Lizard.

Around that time we’ll be announcing some really kick-ass Skinny Moo news, so hopefully we’ll see you at the show.  Otherwise, sign up on the mailing list if you haven’t already so we can keep you up to date.


Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Skinny Moo APB

Be on the lookout for these men!

This is an ALL POINTS BULLETIN to alert everyone that this Friday 9/4/09, Skinny Moo will be remanded to Mayfield’s Boneyard for the first time in nearly a year.

All local residents are advised to mark the occasion by bringing throngs of friends and hangers-on to see the alleged band at the emporium that is the Boneyard: fun and games, a restaurant that overlooks the stage, and a large barroom which is the likely spot to catch these perpetrators in the act of “rocking out”.

East side accomplices, take note. You are being watched. Attempts to join Skinny Moo for “merriment” will result in lots of busts. Allegedly.

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