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Skinny Moo Luvs Medina

Friday, July 30th, 2010

We will be the first ones to admit that the cancellation of last week’s Rally In the Alley was a big bummer. We had been looking forward to it for a few months, but it made sense to cancel it based on the rain and storms that were circulating in the area.

However, the night wound up being plenty of fun anyway. We returned to the basement of the Main Street Cafe in Medina’s town square for the first time in four years. And this is what we saw:

Yes, wall-to-wall awsomeness. Thanks to everyone who filled the basement to the bursting point and then proceeded to dance and sing and have a great time with us.

Mike Crow says “I’m so happy I could just cry!”

Why is he so happy? Because we return to Medina tomorrow night to play a show at Legends! This is the last show for a couple weeks, so we hope you’ll all come out and enjoy the fun with us.

Change of venue for tonight (Friday 7/23)

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Unfortunately tonight’s Rally in the Alley has been canceled due to the possibility of inclement weather – but wait! We’ve arranged to salvage the evening with a show at the Main Street Cafe right next door!

Come on out and enjoy an insanely intimate rock show starting at 8:00 tonight. We hope to see you there.

Home away from home

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

It was a sweaty, rocking night at the Greenville Inn in Chagrin Falls tonight. We always feel so… connected when we play there. Maybe it’s that the atmosphere is just right, or that the crowd is always having fun and enjoying our crazy musical explorations. Whatever the reason, we always have a great night at the ‘Ville.

Our new gear continues to be a hit. Everybody’s digging the new shirts, and people are picking up our CDs now that we are making sure they are available at shows. The ladies apparel in particular is popular – witness our spectacular Greenville spokesmodel (no, not Jay, the good-looking one!):

We’ve got a few more shows to close out the epic month of July. Don’t miss our long-awaited return to Medina’s Rally in the Alley next Friday. We have a few surprises in store for sure. And if for some reason you can’t get out to see us at the Rally, you can catch us at Legends in Medina at the end of the month.

Happy Independence Day

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Skinny Moo wants to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. We hope to see you at some upcoming shows!

Another fantastic party

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

We had a great time tonight at a very cool party out in Vermilion. The weather was great, the location was unbelievable, and everyone was having a great time (especially “Boomerang Becky”).

Our new friend Celeste caught a little video (with great sound) from early in the evening. Enjoy!

Thanks Celeste!

Get your MOO on

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

We’re excited to have some cool Skinny Moo gear coming out soon. If you enjoy the band, show your support!

The new MOO stickers will be available at shows, along with new T-shirts, CDs and whatever else we can come up with!

Skinny Moo rocks July

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

The guys at Skinny Moo HQ would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day weekend. Don’t burn yourself out during the holiday, though, because there’s lots of Skinny Moo coming your way in July.

We make our first appearance at Rockin’ On the River in Cuyahoga Falls on Friday July 9th. Details are forthcoming.

We return to Slim and Chubby’s in Strongsville on Saturday July 10th, the Bedford Winking Lizard and Greenville Inn on the 16th and 17th respectively, and return to Medina’s fabled Rally in the Alley on the 23rd.

We’ll cap off the month with another appearance at Legends in Medina as well.

Check the schedule page for more details. As always, we look forward to seeing you at the shows.

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