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Plenty-O-Halloween Parties Coming Soon!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Well, after 10 years of not playing any Halloween parties, the Moo Crew finally made it to the big time! Yea!
Skinny Moo will be hosting a party for the Westsiders at Time Warp (Westlake) on Friday October 29th, and for the Southsiders at Johnny Malloy’s (Medina) on Saturday night.
How’s that for hijinks? So, get your idea bubbles a pop-in and create some fun costumes.

Sweet Home…

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

On the heels of our posting about “a night in the life of a cover band“, we thought we’d share this gem.

Sometimes it becomes… er, challenging when the audience doesn’t get fired up for even the most die-hard, classic party songs. As anyone who has seen Skinny Moo knows, we enjoy taking liberties with songs – creating on-the-fly mashups, mixing musical styles, and generally making music fun.

Here’s a good example. From the unorthodox change from the standard cover to a totally different style, to the reggae-fied inclusion of Kid Rock, it’s a classic example of Skinny Moo being irreverent and entertaining all at once:

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A night in the life of a cover band

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

This has brought us to tears and become part of the Skinny Moo lexicon – as it probably has with every other cover band in the known universe. Please enjoy the pure genius (“Who the f*ck are the Clash?):

Tune in to WKNR on Monday

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Jay and Scotty, along with drunkdude69’s Mike Adams, will join Kenny Roda and Michael Reghi (@ReghiandRoda) on ESPN Cleveland radio Monday 10/4 at 5:00PM to premiere the new “Afternoon R&R” theme song.

Many of you know that Scott and Charley are in another band called drunkdude69, which writes and records original music in a funk/rock/ska style. The R&R theme song is based on a drunkdude69 song called “It’s Alive”, which is on DD69’s upcoming release Wigs & Liquor.

Jay collaborated with the double-D-6-9 to create new lyrics and a new melody custom-written for the show, and Scotty dressed it up with some entertaining samples of Roda and Reghi doing their thing on-air.

No official release date is set yet for Wigs (DD69 is in the design and manufacturing process), but it should be available for ordering / download before the end of the year. Check out for updates, or pick up DD69 CDs at any Skinny Moo show.

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