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What was in that drink? Ouzo?

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Our generous host

We love to play a backyard party. Especially when said party is full of awesome folks that are having a great time and enjoying our unique brand of music-making.

Yes, the police shut us down at around midnight, but we still managed to work in almost four sets of Moo madness before that officer came up onstage, put his hand on Jeff’s shoulder (as he was starting “Highway To Hell”) and told us in no uncertain terms to knock it off.

Fortunately there were many folks there with legal experience to help keep everyone out of trouble. Even more fortunate is that there were many folks there with mixology experience to keep the shot-luge flowing. And of course they provided the band with sample tastes of the various and sundry cocktails which were being manufactured somewhere in the garage. We were treated to quite the variety of combined ingredients, including what tasted like ouzo mixed with something, er , creamy. Hey, Scotty liked it so it couldn’t have been that bad. Allegedly.

All in all we had a great time, and we hope that the DiMauros and their guests had a night to remember. We hope to see many of you again at future gigs – especially if Dale brings “goldfish”.

Summer lovin’

Friday, August 19th, 2011

The Juice, he is how you say, a rock star?

Ah yes, everyone’s back from vacation and we convened at the Winking Lizard on Friday evening for food, drinks and some entertainment from the Moo machine.

Some highlights included a mind-bending insertion of “You Shook Me All Night Long” (AC/DC) in “Everyday People” (Sly and the Family Stone) with lyrics from “Celebration” (Kool & the Gang) superimposed on top. It was, like, trippy.

There was also the impromptu serenade of a lady in the crowd. Jay noticed that she and the rest of her table were sitting in front of one of the main speakers, from which had been issuing the sound of controlled Skinny Moo chaos all night at, er, noticeable volume. In an effort to give this particular guest a break Jay offered to play something a little more mellow. Weren’t we surprised when she somehow requested the Commodores “Easy (Like Sunday Morning)”! Not as surprised as when we played it!

It was great to see a lot of our friends and family members at the show, and once again we have to thank the staff at the Winking Lizard for great hospitality, food and drinks.

We look forward to our last show of the season there on Friday September 16.

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