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A lot of “firsts” at the Greenville

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

View from the Greenville stage - click to embiggen

This past weekend we had a crazy night at Chagrin’s own Greenville Inn. It was an evening filled with “firsts”:

  • It was the first time we ever share the night with another band. Our friends The Props came out to play a set to start the night. They were great, and were a huge help to us all night.
  • It was the first time we have played a gig without Charley. Unfortunately Charley is temporarily out of action with some leg problems, so we had Steve Renko fill in for him. Steve did a tremendous job and rocked out all night. Thanks Steve!
  • It was the first time we’ve seen the Greenville decorated for a birthday party. Our friend Karen had her birthday at the ‘Ville, complete with purple paper covering the tables, balloons everywhere, and tons and tons of food. Note to the hungry drunk dudes at the end of the night: thank her for the grub!
  • It was the first time we didn’t have to gaff-tape our power supply plug to the outlet. Yes, in an historic moment, Mike convinced the Greenville ownership to replace the ancient outlet on the stage. For almost 10 years, that outlet has been the bane of our gigs there because you’d plug in your gear… and the plug would just slide back out. Unfortunately this happened a couple times during the Props’ set, taking out the PA while they were playing. As we switched over and prepared to play, the Greenville management replaced the outlet. Valhalla!

We’re looking forward to another unusual return to the Greenville in May: we’ll be playing on a Thursday evening on May 24 for the Chagrin Blossom Time festival.  We hope you can join us for the fun!

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