Breaking in the Greenville, 2012 style

We’re excited to start 2012 off at one of our favorite places to play: Chagrin’s Greenville Inn. Join us there on Saturday the 14th (we sneakily avoided the “unlucky” Friday the 13th gig!) and enjoy fun, funk, funny dancing on the tables, and a fundamentally good time.

By the way, we will be returning to the Greenville this year for our annual St. Patrick’s Day show. The last several years, the holiday has fallen on some decidedly non-party days of the week. This year, though…

St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday. Holy $#1@! Finally we can all sleep off our green-beer hangovers in peace!

Anyway, we hope we’ll see you this Saturday night, and that you’ll mark your calendars to join us on March 17th too!

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