Early in the (Fox 8) Morning (Show)

Skinny Moo on Fox 8

Incredibly, Skinny Moo was up at the crack of dawn (a time we like to refer to around Moo HQ as “0-dark-30”).  We arrived at the Fox 8 Studios near downtown Cleveland in the morning darkness, and got our gear into the studio.  As with our previous appearances on the show, we set up mostly during commercial breaks.

We drank coffee.  The Deuce spilled coffee on Jay.  Jay changed his shirt.  It was all eerily familiar.

We did five “bumps” today, small one-minute segments of songs that served as transitions between the show and commercials.  Fox promoted our recent “Best of Cleveland” accolade from Cleveland Magazine, along with the party this Friday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Jay texted Todd Meany during one of the songs, displaying surprising multi-tasking skills.  Why Jay can’t sing and play a tambourine is still beyond us.

kenny_glovesWe even had a chance to run into our favorite feature reporter Kenny Crumpton on our way out.  He was not wearing rubber gloves at the time, which was a relief.  Hopefully we’ll catch up with him again at the Rock Hall on Friday!

We’ll get some videos posted soon.  And lastly we wanted to assure “michelle”, who posted this comment on the Fox 8 Morning Show Graffiti Board…

michelle @ 9:56 AM EDT, Oct 12, 2009

…that Skinny Moo is indeed comprised of alains from the planet FunkFunk.  We’ve always been very up-front about that, so hopefully we haven’t offended anyone’s sensibilities.

UPDATE: Pics are posted here.

UPDATE 2: Here’s the last bump we did: “I Can’t Get Next To You” by the Temptations (1969)

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