Saturday November 1, 2014: Johnny Malloy’s 5th Annual Halloween Bash with Skinny Moo

Don’t put away your Halloween finery until you’ve had a chance to show off your outfit at the Medina Johnny Malloy’s on Saturday November first. This marks the fifth year that we’ve been given the opportunity to dress up in kooky costumes and entertain a room full of similarly accoutered partygoers. Five years of Halloweeners!

There’s really no telling what we’ll be wearing. In 2010 we had the Blues Brothers, 2011 included Jay and Silent Bob, 2012 was all about the Dukes of Hazzard, and last year we had a weird combo of Star Wars and Duck Dynasty.

Of course every year we all discuss what the theme of the year will be, but on the night of the gig everyone has pretty much dressed up as something else. That’s just a little glimpse into the inner workings of the Moo planning and execution process.

We are looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with to wear this year, so please join us for an evening of zaniness!

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