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If you didn’t know, Saint Patrick’s Day in Ohio is what we like to refer to as a “drinking holiday”.  What this boils down to, in corned beef and cabbage terms, is an early start at the bar.  Like, pre-seven-A-M drinking.  Wow.

As a result, lots of bands perform early in the morning to well-tuned crowds.  Our own Mike Crow performed at Cleveland’s House of Blues with the Brian and Joe Band, reportedly downing a shot of Grey Goose at the robust drinking time of 7:45 in the morning.  Top o’  the mornin’ for sure.

Some bands perform in the afternoon for the folks that have been drinking since the parade hours, along with the folks that have bailed out of work early to get their Irish on.  Jeff performed such a show with Bonfire, rocking the Jigsaw in Parma before having to throw all of his gear into his ride and hoof it over to the Greenville (you’ll note in the pics that he’s still wearing his “Angus” threads.  Wicked.).

We had the pleasure of playing at the Greenville Inn in Chagrin Falls from 8:30 to 12:30, slightly earlier than usual since the holiday fell on a Monday this year.  Despite this fact, there were still plenty of folks still standing – dancing, even!  We had a fun-filled evening, delivering some musical twists and turns (Zeppelin in the middle of Sly and the Family Stone, anyone?  Has anyone seen my eye?).  The crowd was pretty strong until the end of the evening when (we assume) folks crept home to get some shuteye before work on Tuesday.  Although it did seem like a disproportionate amount of people had planned ahead and taken a day off on Tuesday in preparation for their recovery.

So Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone!  We’ll round out March with a couple more shows, and then we’re headed into spring at last.  Hope to catch you all soon.

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