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Saturday June 3: Johnny Malloy’s (Medina)

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

We’re rocking out at Johnny Malloy’s on Saturday 6/3 – join us for an early birthday celebraish for our very own Jay Goodman! Hope to see you all there.

It’s called “dedication”, holmes

Monday, August 20th, 2012

So on Friday afternoon the guys in the band went through a flurry of texting that started when Jayfro informed everyone that he had an issue with an infected, swollen elbow (now and forever known as the elbow of doom). We won’t go into the reason or reasons why his elbow was red, hot, and blown up like a party balloon. ¬†Anyway, as a result of the increasingly nasty goiter on his arm, he was headed to the ER in the afternoon.

Unfortunately we were scheduled to start playing at the Bedford Heights Winking Lizard at 5:30PM. With him being about an hour away (not including Friday rush hour traffic) and the uncertainty associated with emergency room wait times, it didn’t look like he would make it to the gig until pretty late, if at all.

But in an impressive display of dedication, Jay managed to elbow his way through triage without being admitted to the hospital. In record time he had new meds (not including Jågerbombs, at least not at that point in the evening) and was on the road to the gig. He got there in time for setup, and was the quintessential front-man as always.

And so, we present Jay the award for most-dedicated-band-member-while-afflicted-with-an-elbow-goiter. Congratulations Jayfro – you earned it!

The elbow of doom

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Yes, this is very strange. We’ll explain later…


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