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Summer Birthday Alert!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Jeff’s Wish

Hi all!  We hope you enjoyed the first official weekend of summer.  Skinny Moo brought in the season with a fun show at the Bedford Winking Lizard, and then a crazy private party the following day/night.  We loves us some summertime!

We thought we’d let you know that Summertime is birthday season for much of the Moo.  Jay and Jeff celebrate their birthdays in June, and Chach-o’s birthday  is coming up in August.

Join us this weekend when we celebrate Jeff’s birthday at West Park Station (Friday) and the Rush Hour Grille (Saturday). You can get yourself a present to celebrate the occasion: Jeff’s new solo album is available at his website

Hope to see you this weekend!

Spring Has Sprung

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Another rockin night at the WPS


Decent weather has arrived (apparently) here in Cleveland. This past Friday night at West Park Station, the patios were open in front and in back and absolutely filled with Friday night fun seekers!

We were thrilled to be playing for members of Team In Training (TNT) as they raised funds to fight cancer. If you didn’t know it, Scotty is participating in TNT again this year and will be doing an Olympic distance triathlon in Memphis in just a few weeks. So he sends a big “thanks” to everyone who attended, donated, and generally made the night a big success.

Pictures will be posted soon, so stop on by again. We’ll be off this coming weekend, but returning to action on May 9th at the Greenville Inn.

UPDATE (5/3/09) : Pics are posted in the gallery

Sly Funk Station

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Packed to the Rafters at the WPS

What a weekend: smoke machines, adult beverages, cover tunes, drunk funksters.  We packed a lot of action into just two nights on Friday and Saturday.

Friday night saw our first return to the Sly Fox in North Olmsted since the blazing wintery months early in the year.  As always the sound was spectacular and everyone was having a great time.  This time around, Chazmo even brought an accessory to assist him in dealing with the hard-working smoke machine.

Say Hello to Chazmo’s Little Friend

We won’t mention the band member that had some gear difficulty which led to the historic outburst, “M*therf*cK%R!!”  Suffice it to say that it was highly entertaining and no Moo personnel were harmed in the making of Friday night’s festivities.

And of course there was West Park Station on Friday:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Seemed like lots of folks were warmed up by the solo acoustic stylings of Steve Michaels on Saturday.  Many folks, in fact, demanded their ration of funk, including our friend above. Skinny Moo delivered the funk like junk in the trunk. Of course we also had to drop some rock and pop and assorted other stylee tunes for the ladies (which some of the funksters didn’t seem to understand).

We’ll be posting a few pics soon.

Best at the West

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Rocking out at West Park Station

We’re finally starting to recover from our Saturday night gig at West Park Station.  What a phenomenal time: a packed house, loads of fun party goers, sweaty dancing, and an amazing guest appearance.

Yes, in an unexpected twist (which is what Skinny Moo is about, so I guess you could say that the unexpected is what you should expect… wait, what was I talking about again?) we had the lovely Megan join us at the beginning of the third set to deliver Young MC’s “Bust a Move“.  It was an historic occasion, for sure.  She nailed the tune, and we didn’t do half bad either, considering we had never played it before.

Megan Busts a MoveFortunately we were able to rely on the incomparable musical virtuosity of Mike “Brown Note” Crow, whose continuing diet of Aldi Salisbury steak and nacho soup provides the nutrition to power his immense musical brainpower.   Scotty hung in there too, despite the fact that blood flow to his brain was constricted by either a hat that was too small, or a head that was too big.

Unfortunately, at the end of the night, an errant microphone clocked the Brown Note right in the dome, drawing either blood or the aforementioned soup.  Hopefully his extensive recall of most of the music from the late ’70s through today hasn’t been affected.

We look forward to returning to West Park Station at Kamm’s Corners at the end of March, hopefully when temperatures climb out of what now feels like the equivalent of a Cleveland-sized meat locker.

We’ll be posting pics to the gallery soon, so stay tuned.

Go West, Young Moo!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Skinny Moo makes the ladies craazy

If you came out to West Park Station at Kamm’s Corners last Saturday night, you would have had quite the full menu of activities.  First off, there was George Hartwig doing some cool opening guitar playing during happy hour.  Then there was Skinny Moo.  Somewhere in there was (possibly the most dull) MMA fight action.  And of course all night long there was a happening crowd that was having a blast (yes, we are talking about you, Mister “Home By the Sea” guy!).

When we arrived, we were loading in to the sound of “Maggot Brain”, and as we piled and piled our gear in the foyer and the front of the place, we realized it was coming from solo guitarist George Hartwig.  He had a cool delay pedal that allowed him to create repeating phrases that he could solo over while they looped.  Tasty!  After he was finished and the gear migration was complete, we prepared for the evening with a quick round of beverages (for vocal lubrication, mind you), then we launched the evening with our usual unpredicatable musical stylings.

A good time was had by all, and the place wasn’t empty until the bitter end, when Mr. Genesis reluctantly headed for home after realizing that, yes, the fact that all of our gear had been packed and removed from the building meant that we were officially done playing.  But we’ll be back at the end of February, so don’t despair!

Pics will be posted in the gallery shortly…

West Park Station & the ‘Ville

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Rock tha Ville

We had a blast returning to West Park Station last Friday night and the Greenville Inn last Saturday. The best part about the weekend was that the snowy weather didn’t keep anyone from coming out and having a great time. Both places were packed with folks who had as much fun hanging out, dancing and listening as we had playing.

We’re looking forward to a handful more gigs in 2008 – and then BAM! it’ll be a brand new year! Here’s hoping we catch up with you before then!

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