Those patios rocked!

We want to thank all the folks who came out to the Winking Lizard on Friday and the Galaxy on Saturday. Both nights were fun, fantastic, and occasionally freaky (we’re talking to you, mister-dude-that-fell-in-BILL’s-lap-and-busted-his-chair). We enjoyed the hell out of the shows and hope you did, too.

We’re looking forward to our final summer concert series event at the Winking Lizard on September 21st, so we hope you’ll plan to be there. But before that, we’ve got a Greenville show (Saturday September 1) and a show at Johnny Malloy’s in Medina (Saturday September 8). Don’t miss Charley’s long-awaited return to the drum throne at the ‘Ville!

Meanwhile, we posted some pics from Saturday night for your viewing pleasure…

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