Tune in to WKNR on Monday

Jay and Scotty, along with drunkdude69’s Mike Adams, will join Kenny Roda and Michael Reghi (@ReghiandRoda) on ESPN Cleveland radio Monday 10/4 at 5:00PM to premiere the new “Afternoon R&R” theme song.

Many of you know that Scott and Charley are in another band called drunkdude69, which writes and records original music in a funk/rock/ska style. The R&R theme song is based on a drunkdude69 song called “It’s Alive”, which is on DD69’s upcoming release Wigs & Liquor.

Jay collaborated with the double-D-6-9 to create new lyrics and a new melody custom-written for the show, and Scotty dressed it up with some entertaining samples of Roda and Reghi doing their thing on-air.

No official release date is set yet for Wigs (DD69 is in the design and manufacturing process), but it should be available for ordering / download before the end of the year. Check out drunkdude69.com for updates, or pick up DD69 CDs at any Skinny Moo show.

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