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Summer of Moo is on!


Happy summer everyone!

The Moo Crew is excited to be kicking off what we are jokingly calling our “summer tour”. We are playing 20+ shows in the next few months, in locations ranging from Marblehead to Seville to Bemus Point, New York. It’s exciting to be in our 25th year and still hitting it hard!

While some of those shows are private parties, many are the usual public gigs at all kinds of venues. We’ve got perennial favorite locations like the Greenville in Chagrin Falls, PJ Marley’s in Medina, and the Winking Lizard in Bedford Heights. And we’ve got new places like The Fish and Bemus Point Golf Club and Tap House in Bemus Point, NY, and Musketeers in Richfield. We will also be performing at the Strongsville Homecoming Festival as well as playing again during the Southtown Music Festival in Medina, which is always a great time.

We hope that you can fit some (or all!) of our shows into your summer plans. We’ve been adding some new material and bringing back some old, old tunes from our early days to keep things exciting. As usual, every show is a fun adventure for the audience and for us!

We hope to rock with you soon!

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