• 8/7/2021: The Greenville

    Featured:8/7/2021: The Greenville

  • Deck Party at PJ Marley's

    Featured:Deck Party at PJ Marley's

  • 8/14/2021: The Local Bar

    Featured:8/14/2021: The Local Bar

  • 8/21/2021: Fundraiser Event For Christopher Consilio

    Featured:8/21/2021: Fundraiser Event For Christopher Consilio

Skinny Moo

6/19/2021: Greenville Inn

We are back!

It’s been waaayyyy too long, and we can’t even tell you how excited we are to finally come out and play for you at one of our favorite places in the whole world: the Greenville Inn.

We hope you can join us for this exciting occasion – hope to see you there.

Skinny Moo LIVE

Getting closer…

After far too long without seeing your smiling faces (and dancing bodies), we here at Moo HQ are feeling optimistic that we will be able to get out and rock and roll with you all soon.

We’re brushing up on some songs, re-visiting old favorites, and adding some cool and crazy tunes that promise to be loads of fun live (loads of it, I tell you)!

Stay tuned for updates on our schedule as spring/summer approaches.  We absolutely can not wait to get all of you alone in a room… together… with us… well, you know what I mean.

In the meantime, enjoy a video of us playing Sucker at the Greenville Inn!  Stay healthy out there.

Skinny Moo

The current situation

Normally St. Patrick’s Day would be a day for enjoying kegs & eggs, downing some green beers, and maybe even playing a Skinny Moo gig. As we all know, this year is quite a bit different from normal – more like unprecedented.

As a result of current Ohio mandates, the venues at which we are scheduled to play are going to be closed for some time in an attempt to stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we were very much looking forward to bringing you more of the exciting new incarnation of Skinny Moo, including new songs and even some older ones, we will have to wait until the situation improves.

Meanwhile, we hope everyone in our extended Moo family stays healthy and patient with each other during this time. We can’t wait until we once again have the chance to bring you our joyful noise.

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